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Securing Life Insurance Alternatives for Clients in War Risk Zones

Posted Wed, Apr, 10th, 2024
By Exceptional Risk Advisors

Warfare has raged on our planet since the first time man walked upright and disputed territorial boundaries.  And those battles have impacted not only the lives of those it come into direct contact with, but also those on the periphery, particularly in the areas of business and commerce.

Business, as seen in the war in Israel, persists despite challenges. And those with interests in traveling to war zones, whether for business or humanitarian reasons, will continue to do so.  Fortunately, there are insurance products to protect individuals and groups traveling to war risk zones.  This protection can include death and disability coverage, along with medical evacuation services.  And that policy covers someone even if they’re on their way to JFK and get in a car accident on the Belt Parkway.

Real-World Scenarios: Here are three examples to illustrate the necessity of insurance coverage in conflict zones:

  1. A group of attorneys traveling to Tel Aviv for a trial sought coverage for their business activities in the region.
  2. A humanitarian food distributor contracted by the U.S. government needed short-term coverage while operating in the Israel-Gaza border area.
  3. An international group of business executives planning to assess infrastructural damage in Israel required coverage for their trips, which involved visiting high-risk areas near the Gaza border.

These policies can include medical coverage, like health insurance, but it's not going to pay a death or disability claim due to a sickness-related event or a pre-existing condition.  Advisors should note that these insurance products are short term in nature, likely lasting 30-60 days and written around the itinerary. 

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For those traveling into high-risk zones, it's crucial to remember that protecting oneself goes beyond helmets and flak jackets; it also involves incorporating proper insurance coverage into a safety plan. 

This post was adapted from the published article as seen in Insurance Journal magazine written by Sean McNiff, VP of Business Development & Marketing at Exceptional Risk Advisors.  You can download the full article here.